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New Musical Soundscape

August - 'Dreaming Oceans', a lullaby to help you sleep well. Released on

Hug a tree

May - Trees are growing massively now. Hug one          and grow with it.


March - The light has suddenly changed. There’s more warmth, more blue. Spring is here!

Spring butterflies

April - The early butterflies you see now have slept right through the winter to be here, dreaming of endless meadows of wild flowers on windless days.

Hi Five the Grass

Hold out your hand, palm outstretched, as you walk by long grass and feel the stems and seed heads tickle and tap you. Get in touch with them.

Works for hedges too but watch out for brambles.

Music Videos

Welcome! Music and music videos, paintings, virtual art installations, eBook and photography, they are all here. Gregory’s art is inspired by the beauty of nature and many of his music compositions are nature meditations

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Book of Seeds is a story richly illustrated with the author’s watercolours

(You can look inside and download a sample too) and (also In Kindle bookstores at etc)

What happens when you meet that special one who takes you on a magical journey of love?

Listen to the stones, hear the trees singing and read the stars. Would it be a life like a song?

And the world was in the song   

And the song was in the world

And the world

Moved by the song

Moved on

As the world always does.