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Book of Seeds Reviews

Mr C J, England rated it 5 stars *****

“Enchanting. I loved being taken on a journey of discovery and wonder. It's a book to make you think how life , love and the universe is or at least could be and included amongst this enchanting storyline is some beautiful complimentary art work . Thoroughly enjoyable.”


Ms C S, Switzerland rated it 5 stars *****

"A truly magical book

Life is what happens while you're making other plans." This book allows you to experience the nature of life and the life of nature with the eyes of a poet. It is kind of a phantasy story, but also a love story as well as an eye opener for the living beauty of nature and its beings. While reading you feel deeply touched be the magical encounters and communications. The book is written in a beautiful poetic language and illustrated by wonderful water color paintings of the author himself. If you like nature, phantasy, beauty, mystics and depth of feeling I truly recommend you this amazing book.”



“It was quite sensational and thought-provoking, and congrats on such a wonderful book :)”

Music Reviews


Ahh what peace. I truthfully can't get enough of all your music, it always bring me back into the deep deep silence, where I know to be home!

Mrs C S, Switzerland

“Beautiful music which creates a harmonic and relaxing atmosphere.”

 Mrs V L, England

“What a beautiful piece of music you created, its so relaxing and soothing. Love it.”

 Mr S B, England

“Its very atmospheric. I think an audio version of your watercolours.”

 Mr C J, England

“Awesomely drenchinginly good :)”

 Frau R R, Switzerland

“Sie führt in eine grenzenlose Ausdehnung, in Ruhe und Harmonie, wo auch Geborgenheit und Aufgehobensein sind.

Der Wunsch nach mehr ist sehr stark… ”